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What's included in the Yeti Gram?

Every Yeti Gram will include a plush yeti doll, a tiny, customized greeting card with embossed envelope, a two-sided story card of Baby Yeti's mission, and a keepsake mailer box.


What are the sizes of the components?

The plush yeti is 3-4" tall.  Each yeti is hand finished so slight variations in size and shape are expected, which gives each doll a unique appearance.  No two are exactly alike!  The card measures 2.25" (square), the story card is approximately 2.5" x 3.5", and the box measures approximately 7"x"5x1".


Is there any add on merchandise available?

We currently offer a Baby Yeti keychain ($4.99), a round paw print lip balm (vanilla scent, $3.99), and a Yeti Gram sticker ($1.69).  Save 25% and get all three for $7.99!  Merchandise can be purchased separately or added on to a Yeti Gram.


Can the plush yeti be purchased separately?

No.  At this time, the plush doll is only offered as part of the Yeti Gram.  


What is the age range for a Yeti Gram?

The Yeti Gram is approved for ages 3 and up.  Additional merchandise should be used only under adult supervision.


Is the doll safe for pets? 

The doll has not been safety tested for animals. We do not recommend giving it to your pet! 


Is the yeti doll washable?

The yeti may be spot cleaned using a mild soap or detergent.


What if I need to change or cancel my order?

Please email us at info@yetigram.com as soon as possible.  Orders typically ship within 24 hours.  Once the order has shipped it cannot be changed or canceled.


Can the custom text contain vulgar language?

Yeti Gram is positive vibes only!  No vulgar or threatening text will be printed.


Can cards be left blank?

Yes, just leave the text box blank.  Typically, this is done when you are shipping the yeti gram to yourself to sign and give to your recipient in person.


How should I fill out the billing and shipping address?

The billing information should always include your information, including your email address.  The delivery address will be for the recipient.  If you plan to give the yeti gram in person, the billing and shipping address will be the same (yours).  


Will the recipient know who sent the yeti gram?

The only way they will know is on the personalized message on the back of the card.  The return address on the mailing label will be from Yeti Gram.

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